Army costumes include soldier costumes and military costumes from all branches of the military. Here you will find authentic Army, Navy uniforms and even vintage Air Force, Sailor, etc. Costume uniforms for men, women and kids. Get all dressed up for holiday parades and Halloween parties. Choose from Combat Boots, ACU Uniforms, ACU Coats, ACU Trousers, ACU Patches, TRU Combat Shirts, Tactical Gear.


Authentic Army Costumes
army Costumes U.S. Army Soldier Costume 

Description: Includes: ACU fatigue cap, polycarbonate lens sunglasses in smoke, ACU BDU shirt, ACU BDU pants, desert sand t-shirt, tan jungle boots, silver dog tag and chain

Army Costumes US Sailor Officer Formals Costume 

Description: Includes jacket, trouser, and shirt. Please ask about hat, pins, tie, etc.

Army Costumes Top Gun Costume 

Description: Includes: aviator sunglasses in smoke, olive drab flightsuit, black helmet bag, silver dog tag and chain, G.I military style boots, patches (American flag, Top Gun patch, and an Airforce patch)

Army Costumes G.I. Joe Authentic Outfit 

Description: Vietnam War Style outfit with Dog tags, Bullet proof vest, Web set belt, Grenade pouch, Grenade, U.S. Gas Mask, U.S. Combat Leather Boots with Speed lace, Canteen set, boots(new)

Army Costumes Sailor US Navy White 

Description: Sailors Costumes include Polyester Shirt w/Flap, White web belt, Pants. Optional – Navy officer dress hat, Navy Officer Dress Shoes (Limited sizing)






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