Christmas Tree Stands for artificial Christmas trees and live trees. Metal and plastic tree stands For artificial trees select from rotating or revolving tree stands. A rotating Christmas tree is the perfect decorating accent for an artificial tree. For real live trees, choose a watering tree stand. Just fill the stand with water and you are good to go. Rolling commercial tree stands and More Christmas Tree Stands……..


Christmas Tree Stands 

 Christmas Tree Stands

Revolving Christmas Tree Stand

Powerful stand rotates a tree with up to 80 pounds of decorations–usually on a maximum 7 1/2 ft. tree. Auto reverse turns the tree in the opposite direction. Your tree lights plug into the stand so there are no tangling cords as the tree revolves.

 Christmas Tree Stands


Folding Christmas Tree Stand

28″ and 36″; Great for the indoors and can support your tree through the holiday season.

The Folding Christmas Tree Stand is made from a flame-resistant and non-allergenic material. Stand is very easy to install. It folds easily for compact storage. 

28″ perfect for any 7.5′ to 8′ artificial Christmas trees

36″ perfect for any 9′ to 12′ artificial Christmas trees




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