Kids, toddlers and infants full military uniforms and costumes for Holidays, special events, welcome home parties, ceremonies and parades. Featuring Foot Soldier Muscle Child Costume, Combat Child Boots, Air Force Pilot Child Costume, Special Forces Officer Child Costume, Delta Force Army Ranger Child Costume, Top Gun – Flight Suit Toddler / Child Costume, Navy Seal Child Costume, Special Ops Ninja Child Costume. Search Kids Military costumes…….



Kids Military Costumes

Kids Military Costumes Little G.I. Joe Costume 

Description: The complete G.I. Joe costume includes: woodland camouflage BDU shirt, woodland camouflage BDU pants, woodland camouflage BDU cap, black jungle boots, silver dog tag and chains

Kids Military Costumes Little Marine Costume 

Description: Includes: digital woodland cap, digital woodland BDU shirt, digital woodland BDU pants, desert tan jungle boots, silver dog tag and chain

Kid's Military Costumes Kid’s Top Gun Costume 

Description: Includes: aviator sunglasses in smoke, flight suit with patches, black jungle boots, silver dog tag and chain


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