Women’s military costumes are great for patriotic holidays, parades and parties. Here you will find a great selection of authentic and vintage military uniforms for women from the Army, Navy and the Air Force.


Womens Military Costumes

Womens Military Costumes US Air Force Womens Dress Costume 

Description: US Air Force Style Dress Uniform Costume comes with shirt, tie and skirt.Garrison cap is available and a ribbon bar and chevrons,as shown, are also available.

Womens Military Costumes US Womens Naval Costume – GI 

Description: This uniform includes jacket skirt and cap. Condition: Surplus – Brand New

Womens Military Costumes Nurses 1940 Vintage Scrub Dress 

Description: Also available 1940’s Vintage Red Cross Nurses Dress

Womens Military Costumes


Boot Camp Babe Costume 

Description: Includes: woodland camouflage cap, aviator sunglasses in smoke, woodland camouflage tank top, woodland camouflage “Booty Camp” shorts, military necklace, G.I. style jungle boot


Lara Croft Costume Lara Croft Costume 

Description: Includes olive drab shorts, black jungle boots, black fingerless gloves, nylon duty belt, black 4″ holster, black shoulder holster




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